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We are representatives of the tradition of Bhairava, carriers of tantric knowledge. We revealed the terrifyingly-blissful reality creating experiences of all living beings, indescribable, standing outside of everything, and also in everything.

Currently representatives of Bhairava tradition affiliated with this website are living in Spain and the United States. We hope there will be more people from different countries soon. As for now we travel to India, Nepal, the European Union and republics of the former Soviet Union. We studied with different spiritual teachers, also in India.

Our attitude to the tantric and other spiritual texts is practical. We carefully study them, rechecking translations from Sanskrit to filter out false meanings brought by the limited vision of copyists and translators, and to achieve essential understanding, on the basis of which real transformation of consciousness may happen.

We are experimenters that use what is at hand to fully realize the ancient tantric wisdom.

We offer this bliss and this knowledge to those who feel that the truth, the divine essence is not in the sweet package of rules of any particular religion or fluffy meditation school. We offer this bliss and knowledge to those who do not smolder rotting in their aimless replete peace, to those who are not trying to calm their nerves with sweet meditation. We offer this bliss and knowledge to those whose intuition does not sleep, and knows that the truth is Terrifyingly-Blissful, who wants to realize herself or himself as the Indescribable Being who always trembles and whose bliss creates all living beings.

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