When you realize your divine nature the main feature you discover is indescribable bliss. This bliss is not like regular pleasures from food, sex, drugs or even creativity like dance, poetry or painting. However if you experience it you will know very well that it is bliss.

The word for bliss in Sanskrit is ananda. If you would ask from what this ananda is coming then it is impossible to answer exactly but there is a way to give you couple of hints. This bliss is indivisible experience however to get an idea you may think of it as of bliss of existence itself and bliss of creation of experiences. In reality bliss of existence and bliss of creation of experiences are one indescribable bliss.

It all may sound for you quite philosophical or metaphysical however when you come to this bliss it is quite practical instead. So go for it. It is strongest one you can imagine. Worth an effort:

Learn how to start your tantric practice

If you like to share your bliss with other people then after you will get it yourself and learn how to lead other people to it you may become an instructor and help other people to achieve this strongest experience.

How to become an instructor