Are you Hindus?

Yes, in the sense that our world view is based on the tantric texts that belong to Hinduism, as well as we use images of Hindu deities. However, we also use images of deities not in the Indian style and we can apply methods not described in Indian texts.

Have you been trained by some teachers?

Yes, we have learnt from different teachers, also in India. Communicating with us you can learn more about them. However, we place emphasis not on the individual teachers but rather on your intuition and wit. Among the spiritual teachers there may be many teachers who do not teach the essence, but teach religion or some practices that do not lead to the revelation of divinity. So you need to be careful. Compare what we teach (using the materials of this website and personal communication with us) to what others teach. Compare the goal we describe to the goal others describe. Compare methods we offer to methods offered by others. Also the intuition and mind should help to distinguish a shallow teaching dressed in clothes of wise gurus from essential teaching happening regardless of the packaging.

What do you believe in?

Faith is present at the beginning, for example, you believe that the city to which you want to come, does exist. But when you come to this city, then it is already knowledge, and not a faith. With practice you know more, and believe in less. However, we always believe that the Divine Nature is inexhaustible and never ceases to amaze.

How does the training happen?

It is best to meet in person with someone who can give you teachings. But if it is difficult then video conversation is also possible. You will be asked what you are interested in, and then trying different methods, you determine what kind of practice is most harmonious and effective for you.

How many years should one practice to get results?

The Divine nature never ceases to reveal itself and to amaze. It may take a couple of years to master the main methods. But when you deign to reveal yourself to yourself, only God knows.

Do you gather together, or are you practicing alone?

It depends. There is a place for individual practice, and for collective practices, and for holidays, and for the pilgrimage, and for the travel, and for joint trips to the beautiful natural places (see Practice and Travel)

Do you have any restrictions in your diet or behavior?

We believe that Bhairava himself creates all religions and other systems including nutrition systems, manifesting itself in the form of the founders and followers of such systems. Therefore, different schools and even branches of schools in the tradition of Bhairava can have their own taboos, not peculiar to other schools. For example, in some schools, the killing or eating the corpses of living beings can be regarded as quite acceptable, whereas in other schools of the same tradition of Bhairava it can be strictly prohibited. Different schools of Bhairava tradition can be presented on this site. Therefore, if you do not fit one style, it is quite possible you will find followers of Bhairava tradition following your lifestyle.

At what age can one start practicing?

There is no strict limitations, but usually people are more serious about the practice after puberty. Children are more receptive to a doctrine in the form of stories and movies.

What is your attitude toward a family?

God can manifest himself both as a hermit or as a family man. A family in Bhairava tradition exists at different levels:

  • the divine family is a family of all living beings, in this sense, we are all one family
  • a family of practitioners is a certain circle of practitioners which is not very big, so that people know each other and often talk with each other or have a common business
  • a family in the usual sense, based on the relationships of husband and wife, and of parents and children

It may be difficult for a person to feel the divinity of all beings, that is, realize the divine family. Such people can be aware of the divinity of the spouse, children, parents, other relatives, friends, neighbors, practitioners to whom you communicate often.

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