Tantric Practice

The Goal of Tantric practice is to reveal the Supreme Bliss of Absolutely Free and Shivery Divine Consciousness with all its abilities to create any experiences.

To do it, different practices are used. Some of them are described in ancient texts called tantras. Other methods are of the teaching appeared later on the basis of tantras.

These practices include:

  • visualizations
  • breathing exercises
  • mental tuning into divine nature
  • relaxation
  • trance
  • meditation
  • tantric rituals
  • and a lot more including exotic and little known practices described in tantric texts.

Ancient texts often have inaccuracies which could be introduced by authors who incorrectly interpreted their mystic experience, or by copyists or by translators. Because of this reason it is difficult to build your practice on the base of ancient text and their translations. Most effective way is to get the practice from the person who already achieved the experience to which you aspire, and who is experienced in tantric methods. To practice more effectively and to be sure that everything goes as it should, it makes sense to learn ancient texts. It is also good idea to learn them under guidance of understandable person. However you may also learn these texts on your own. In tantric practice it is usual to take the initiative and to experiment. And also it is usual to be cautious in your experiments and first to learn from competent people their opinion about such experiments.

If you want to learn more about texts of the Bhairava tradition on which the practice is based, read about it in the section Ancient Teachers and Texts

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