Become an instructor

Do you want to lead other people to same bliss that you feel?

Do you want to learn effective techniques how to share your divine experience with others?

Bhairava tradition has variety of practices which are very effective for different types of people. Not everybody needs this type of teachings first of all. Those who need it may have no intermediate experiences to grasp your ideas. Main things in the instructor course is to learn:

  • How to understand whether the person needs you to lead him or her to the bliss.
    • How to identify main interests of the person.
    • How to identify dangers which may arise if person will start learning Bhairava tradition.
  • How to identify the source of inspiration for the person: whether it is long term goal or short term goal or both, whether it is blissful experiences or other things which may attract the person
  • How to identify the experiences the person had which you may use to prepare the practice for this person
  • How to identify the states person should achieve and practices to get to these states
  • How to identify the right words the person will understand and which will lead the person to the goal
  • How to get feedback from the person and how to ask additional questions to understand how the practice is going
  • How to flexibly change the practice depending on person’s achievements and feedback

To be an effective instructor you also should have good understanding of multitude of practices existing in Bhairava tradition and have at least small experience in many of them even though you do not need them for your personal life.

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